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Plug n Play IOT for remote industries

Appliot is a fully scalable and customizable end-to-end solution that extends IOT networks to the furthest corners of the globe, far beyond the reach of terrestrial-based providers.

Our proprietary compact and lightweight terminal features an electronically steered phased array flatpanel antenna with built-in modem to automatically find coverage for instant, global and always-on IOT connectivity.

Our multi-orbit satellite coverage enables long-range, low-power data transmission to affordably connect all your IOT devices and applications.

Power on the terminal, seamlessly connect all your devices and existing network, and transform your operations with the power of IOT and AI to increase outputs, efficiencies and profitability.

Market Engineered

Appliot was driven by globally researched market requirements and developed with advanced technology to deliver enhanced IOT connectivity that is affordable for a wide range of applications across remote industries.

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terminal | antenna + modem

Appliot's mobile and fixed terminals are easy to mount, install and operate, providing seamless IOT connectivity for your remote operations anywhere on Earth.

Terminals come in two size formats and are CFC-compliant and operate in Ku and Ka bands.

Streamline terminal commissioning seamlessly across iOS and Android with our mobile software application.

With our end-to-end proposition, you would be able to easily monitor and control IoT site sensor data with our intuitive AI based software dashboard/portal, providing real-time insights at your fingertips.


Appliot System Architecture

  • Enables low and high data rates as well as an on-the-move tracking algorithm.
  • Supports both IOT aggregation and direct-to-satellite models.
  • Multiple user network management via the hub base station.
  • Mobile and fixed connectivity service in Ku and Ka bands.
  • Appliot provides an instant low power, high efficiency hub to support IOT applications anywhere on Earth.
  • Flexible “as-a-Service” models available for quick and easy connectivity.
  • Dual option connectivity based on satellite provider, network and end user coverage needs.
  • Robust Network Management System with smart routing divided into network management and application data.
  • The compact and lightweight terminal design is available in two size formats.
  • User devices and applications connect via and exchange data with Appliot.

Why Appliot?

Appliot is a technically advanced end-to-end solution that combines state-of-the-art hardware with leading edge software.

Our own-brand terminal features an electronically steered phased array antenna with built-in modem to automatically connect to GEO widebeam satellite coverage for instant Ku/Ka connectivity.

Appliot gives you flexibility to add as many gateways as required in the same country or region.

Our flexible solution is able to meet individual national landing requirements.

Appliot is powered by a sophisticated AI platform to enable a unique solution that can solve challenges across many industries.

Appliot’s customisable software suites are tailored for various IoT verticals, such as fisheries, agriculture, fleet management, energy and more.

Throughout development, we focused on cost effectiveness.

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